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Where can I evolve my boldore? I havent found someone who can evolve it for me. Or does it eveolve when it reach a certain level? 

you need to use a link stone, buyable at the market ;)

ohh ok thx

Where can i find spinarak

i can't say that ;), it will ruin the surprise factor

I can put the game in spanish?

i dont think so :(

it crashes when I try to change the size of the window :[

are you running on windows xp compabillity mode?

No, But its fine. The game is amazing  Thats all that counts

but the scren is way to small

You need to change it on settings

If you need help im here

it looks good :)


my only question is, is ralts available? if so, where can i encounter one? xD

Yes! But i'm not going to say where xD


are you able to get a pokemon that can swim?

Just play more and you will find it 😉

Which RPG Maker Engine was this made in?

RPG Maker XP


Darn. If this were made in Vx Ace, I would of had a blast trying to port this to MV.

Agree, but the base is exclusive for RMXP

What base?

Pokémon Essentials

i love is gmae 

Thank You 👏