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Formerly the Pokémon Island was an island just pokémon. There were very few people, most were researchers as the illustrious Professor Oak studying pokémon of the island. However, three years ago it has proven the existence of Mew Pokémon on the island. As this was a very rare Pokémon, it drew a crowd with many coaches seeking Mew, then the island was filled with coaches. Many of them were quite skilled and famous, then others went to this island challenge, then the island has become a great meeting point battles which led to creation of many tournaments which also brought many viewers. Many things happened in the last three years, a great battle site was created: The Coliseum and the coaches were classified as matured there. Those who made many tournaments had a high rank and with that earned several types of exclusive treatment as best items, pokémon, locations, services, etc ... Many new Pokémon have been discovered on the island, others were released by coaches, and even some went to stores. Most were discovered by explorers living in places never visited before. Some places have been created to increase the diversity of pokémon growing increasingly. And that's the story of this place, the Pokémon Island.

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Published60 days ago
AuthorMartim Freitas
GenreRole Playing
Tagsgameboy, indie, pokemon, pokmon, RPGMaker
Player countSingleplayer

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Pokemon Island 1.2g.zip (37 MB)


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Just asking is there a soundtrack?

I taught my pokemon surf and rockclimb, but i cant get them to activate. Are they not usable outside of battle in this version?

Yes, the obstacles will disapear after you get up on the rank ;)

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Game crashes when trying to launch


extract the zip file you downloaded from here